Get Your Own Swarovski iPhone 4 - A Luxury Others Will Envy!

First it was the iPhone, then the white iPhone and iPhone 4, and now it’s the gold iPhone that has become the talk of the town. People are getting their old iPhones customized by having them plated with pure 24ct gold, rose gold, or platinum. If that is not enthralling enough for you, you can get your own Swarovski iPhone 4, a luxury that others will surely envy. Yes, you heard it right! You can now get your old, ordinary iPhone embedded with dazzling Swarovski crystals at affordable prices. Just read on to know where and how you can get your very own iPhone embellished in gold, platinum, and colorful Swarovski stones. Get it done at the earliest and experience the incredible luxury!

Your iPhone 4 is no doubt one among the most sought after gadgets today. But, now you can make it even more special by getting it fully or partially covered with Swarovski crystals. The world-class, authentic Swarovski crystals are available in almost all colors. You can select the colors you want from the Swarovski crystal color charts and get the chosen crystals ensconced in the device to make it look extra stunning. Some people prefer to get the crystals set around the iPhone bezel, while some others get them embedded on the Apple logo, home button or the back plate. You may also get a unique polished mirror finish for the gold-plated back of your iPhone to complement the Swarovski crystallization on your Swarovski iPhone 4

Using Swarovski stones to emboss your iPhone gives you an additional benefit to customize your handset in the way you want. Both full and partial crystallizations can be done nowadays. As mentioned earlier, you may get the Apple logo on the back plate of a gold iPhone embellished with colorful crystals. Alternatively, you may have some text or design made on the back plate using laser engraving. How about getting the sides, back, and buttons of the iPhone plated and polished in gold/platinum and the sides or the home button set and inlaid with authentic Swarovski crystals? How about gifting the magnificent Swarovski iPhone 4 to that special someone in your life? He/she will surely cherish this gift throughout! 

Gold iPhone Sydney specializes in customizing iPads, iPods, and iPhones using rose gold, 24-ct pure gold, platinum, and world-class Swarovski crystals of various colors. And King Midas brings these customized products in Sydney just for you! You can place an order at the website and get your iPhone customized the way you want. You will be offered a 12-month warranty on the product or service, a 12-month guarantee on all the plating and crystallizations, and also a certificate of authenticity with every single purchase. This incredibly luxurious service of having your old ordinary iPhone transformed into a stunning device is bound to bring a big smile on your face. 

So, what are you waiting for!? 
Hurry up, bring your old iPhone 4, chose the crystal patterns and colors for customization, place an order and take back home your own luxurious Swarovski iPhone 4 today!