Glamorous Gold iPhone 4 - Can You Really Afford to Miss It?

Now, here’s something that you just cannot afford to miss! The glamorous gold iPhone 4! Apple’s iPhone 4 gained a lot more popularity than its predecessors and the reason is obvious. It is a culmination of all the four previous generations of Apple smart phones. Be it a beautifully shaped square-edged design, a toughened glass resistant to scratches, or the enhanced iPhone features, the iPhone 4 has it all. So, if you own an iPhone 4, you have got all the rights to boast about it! But, nowadays, iPhone has become such a fashion that you can see almost every other person carrying an iPhone 4. So, what’s so special about your iPhone? Yes, you guessed it right. Nothing! But, if you wish, you can make your iPhone 4 special and distinguish it from others. Many people are getting the look of their iPhones customized. Then, why should you be left behind?

The good news is that you can now transform your ordinary looking iPhone 4 into a stunning luxurious device by getting it plated in Rose gold, platinum, or 24-ct pure gold. Imagine yourself carrying the beautiful, dazzling gold iPhone 4! It will not only enhance your personality but will also give you nothing less than a VIP status in your social circles. If you reside in Australia, you are lucky because the iPhone gold plating services are now also available in Sydney. Just read on to know how and where you can get your very own iPhone embellished in gold or platinum. Get it done at the earliest and experience the incredible luxury!

While some people prefer to get the gold plated around the rim, on the buttons, and across the back of their iPhone 4, some others get it customized in their own way. If you really want the heads to turn when you carry your iPhone 4 outside, get its back polished to a mirror finish and the rest of the body plated in 24 ct gold or platinum.  Apart from the gold iPhone 4, you may also consider a Swarovski crystal iPhone embellished with world-class, dazzling Swarovski crystals of different colors. These customized iPhone 4 models are the talk of the town nowadays and perhaps the most stunning iPhone editions till date.  

There are only a few companies that offer reliable and good-quality iPhone customizations, like gold plating and Swarovski crystallization. These platinum, Swarovski, and gold iPhone product and service providers have professionally certified goldsmiths who are skilled enough to add a thick layer of pure gold on the device. And if you are concerned that they might take your iPhone apart when plating it, you need not worry at all for the gold plating process doesn’t require the iPhone to be dismantled. The unique process involved in it is hand crafted by these professionals and hence, a little expensive. However, the prices of gold iPhone 4 are affordable and quite reasonable.
Gold iPhone Sydney specializes in customizing iPads, iPods, and iPhones using rose gold, 24-ct pure gold, platinum, and world-class Swarovski crystals of various colors. And it brings these customized products in Sydney just for you! You can place an order at the website and get your iPhone customized the way you want. You will be offered a 12-month warranty on the product or service, a 12-month guarantee on all the gold/platinum customizations, and also a certificate of authenticity with every single purchase. 

So, what are you waiting for!? 
Hurry up and get your own luxurious gold iPhone 4 today!