Luxurious Gold iPhone Now in Sydney - Get your iPhone Plated in 24ct Gold!

On hearing the word ‘Gold iPhone’, the first thing that is most likely to strike your mind is “Wow, what an iPhone! But, alas, it’s unaffordable!” Isn’t it? But, the good news for you is that the luxurious gold iPhone is now available in Sydney as well and that too at very attractive prices.

The best thing is that you can get your old iPhone plated in 24ct gold, platinum, or Rose Gold and turn it into a piece of luxury that others will surely envy. Just read on to know how and where you can get your very own iPhone embellished in gold and experience the incredible luxury!
The story of the gold iPhone had started with a bang. Apple is known to have always targeted the high-end customer segment with its innovative products, be it the iPhone, the iPad, or the iPod. 

So, when it hit the market with its stunning diamond-studded, gold-plated iPhone, it wasn’t at all a surprise. This 3G gold iPhone with the Apple logo studded with authentic 53 VVS1 diamonds was something anyone would crave for. This exclusive piece of luxury was designed by Stuart Hughes with the help of three other skilled craftsmen. Its body was made up of 22-Ct solid gold and that made it one of the most expensive gadgets in the world. It is available for nearly $35,000! Now, this seems to be something that we lesser beings cannot even dream of buying in a life time! But, it is now possible to have something very similar to it. 

Yes! You heard it right! 

You can now have your very own gold iPhone at affordable prices. 

Gift it, flaunt it, or enjoy it! Gone are those days when a cell phone was meant to serve only a utility purpose. Nowadays, the cell phone has become more of a status symbol than a basic need. So, in this competitive and fast world, where everyone is trying to be better than the other, why should you be left behind? An iPhone plated with gold, platinum, or rose-gold or covered with dazzling Swarovski crystals can give an amazingly graceful, confident look to your personality. You can get your old iPhone plated in 24ct gold and enjoy the confidence and experience of carrying a gold-iPhone. And since it is available at prices that you can definitely afford, you can even gift one of the similar kinds to your wife or girlfriend! Imagine the smile it would bring on her face when she sees a gift like that!

Gold iPhone Sydney specializes in customizing iPads, iPods, and iPhones using rose gold, Real 24ct gold, platinum, and world-class Swarovski crystals of various colors. And King Midas brings these customized products in Sydney just for you! You can place an order at the website and get your iPhone customized the way you want. You will be offered a 12-month warranty on the product or service, a 12-month guarantee on all the gold/platinum customizations, and also a certificate of authenticity with every single purchase. 

So, what are you waiting for!? 

Hurry up and get your own luxurious gold iPhone today!