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Swarovski iPhone 4 Rim Crystallisation Service

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Swarovski iPhone 4

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Swarovski iPhone 4 Rim Crystallisation Product
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* Fast & Secure Mail-in/out Service Available.
Apple iphone 4 embellished in Gold/Rose Gold/Platinum & Crystal. This stunning iPhone is uniquely crafted. Each iPhone is hand finished and inlaid with more than 500 best quality Crystal stones. Like the diamond setting process each stone is individually set into cut clasps, that run seamlessly along the circumference of the bezel complimenting the curves of the device while adding seductive detail. Delivery is approximately 2~8 days. 

Please note that if you don't own this handset and would like to get it furnished to the same standard as this very same one, please to contact us. More luxury designs (The handset is 32GB/16GB and unlocked to all networks worldwide) can be found on http://www.GoldiPhone.com.au

Swarovski iPhone 4 Rim Only in Sydney

>>>>> If you currently own an iPhone 4 <<<<<

Swarovski iPhone 4 Classic Edition Service

Swarovski iPhone 4 Ultimate Edition Service

Swarovski iPhone 4 Rim Crystallisation Service

#3. Swarovski iPhone 4 Rim Crystallisation Service

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  • The sides of your iPhone will be polished and inlaid with genuine Swarovski Crystals (any colour - see crystal colour chart in Gallery link here). You can also choose to have your rim plated in luxurious 24ct. gold, rose gold or platinum. We will crystallise your home button on request free of charge.
  • We will cover your iPhone with a Full 12 months warranty and a full 12 months guarantee on the crystallisation and plating.
  • All Swarovski crystallisation and plating services come with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Your item will be returned within 2 to 8 business days depending on the service required. 
Payment : Cash, Bank Transfer Or All Major Credit Cards. Please contact one of our sydney stores
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